Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mere Lullabies and Words

(Photos by Karen Crisp ~ Angel Fire, NM)

The birds sing me sweet celestial songs ~
The sun pours out its fiery love against my skin ~
Cool breezes nuzzle me
With gentle caresses.

Trees sway back and forth
A slow lover’s dance …
Beckoning me
To link my arms with theirs.

Raven, red-winged blackbirds, woodpeckers, grey dove
Join mountain chickadees, grey squirrels, curious chipmunks …
Allowing me to share
Their sacred spaces …

All I do is sing them lullabies
And offer up pitiful, puny, quiet words
Of gratitude, and love.

Take my mere lullabies and words,
Oh, Holy One!
Swallow them whole!
Work Your miracles of transformation and grace!

Spit them back out
As brilliant rainbows …
As sonnets to fill the ethers …
As shining stars yet unknown …
As Pure Light where there once was utter darkness …
As deep, mysterious, beautiful darkness
To showcase places where inner Lights burn bright!

Use my shameful, beggar’s offering!
Oh, Creator of the Universe!

Co-create with me
Some Grand New Thing
Out of these insignificant, little,
Mere lullabies and words.

~ By Karen Crisp

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Your Presence

Photo by Karen Crisp
(Cross above adobe archway at San Francisco de Asis Church, Ranchos de Taos, NM)

Your Presence envelops me ~
Wrapping me in Holy Mystery,
Caressing me with calming Peace.

I sit in Your Presence
And wish never to get up.

I breathe in Your Presence,
And wish never to exhale.

I taste Your Presence,
And wonder how I can ever eat again.

I feel Your Presence,
And want nothing else ...

And All of You.

~ By Karen Crisp

Saturday, September 28, 2013

I AM Here ...

Photo by Karen Crisp
("All-Seeing Eye" from plaque on grounds of Beverly Hall, Quakertown, PA

I AM here ...
In the Silent spaces ~
In between the notes ...

I AM here ...
Riding every inhale and exhale ~
Wending My way through every cell ...

I AM here ...
Watching every thought ~
Noticing which ones you cherish or dismiss ...

I AM here ...
Feeling every agony, every pain, every despair ~
Rejoicing in each celebration, each awakening ...

I AM here ...
Hidden underneath your doubts and disbelief ~
Waiting for you to seek ~ and to find ~ Me ...

I AM here ...
Wanting to be discovered ~
Desirous only of your Love ...

I AM here ...
Patient as you strive to love yourself ~
Compassionate as you come to know yourself ...

I AM here ...
Loving you tenderly ~
Lighting your Divine Spark within ...

I AM here ...
I AM closer to you
Than you are to yourself ...

I AM here ...
You will find me
When you fall into My Light and My Love.

~ By Karen Crisp

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Preparing an Undefiled Bed

Photo by Karen Crisp
(Stained glass window at the Lama Foundation near Taos, NM)

The Sacred Christos and the Blessed Sophia
Present Themselves ~
Twin Flames and Holy Lovers,
Before the altar of my Soul

Desirous of a proper dwelling place
For Their sacred union:
An undefiled bed
Upon which to lay Their Holy Heads.

Mine is not fit
Until I die within ...
Joining the acorn
And the grain of wheat ...
Absorbed into the Nothingness
From whence I came

To re-emerge as Pure Essence,
Adorned, like the oak,
With a new name
And a new sacred task:
To serve and proclaim
Such Exalted Royalty.

The holy task cannot be done
With words.

I must so prepare
Their holy bed
That They can birth within me
A silent Flaming Fire Light
That alone can speak
Their Celestial language
Of pure Divine Love.

~ By Karen Crisp

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Prayer to The Fire Within

Photo by Karen Crisp
(Crystal angel in private collection of Barney & Lisa Fadal, Seguin, TX)

Oh, my Master and my King!
Before my very eyes
You turned my heart into stone! ...
A brilliant, sparkling crystal cluster,
Each point aflame with the
Searing Fire of Your Love.

Angelic Beings took my ears,
Implanting melodies from celestial realms
Deep within my Being.

My Soul leapt into the River of Fire
Dancing across the flaming points,
Utterly consumed yet not burned
By Your Great Love.

Oh, Sweet Majesty!
To know such ecstasy and sublime bliss!
You are to be praised and adored forever!

Consume me until there is nothing left
But the melody.

Sing in me and through me.

When You sing me,
Let the world see only Your Flame!

~ By Karen Crisp

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Open My Eyes ...

Foot path in Cameron Park ~ Waco, TX
(Photo by Karen Wood)

Lift the veil from my eyes, Oh Lord!
Let me peek out from behind the curtain
That shrouds my vision,
Keeping me from seeing You ~
My Beloved, my Teacher, my Guide!

Unmask me!
Remove the shades from my eyes!
Let me open wide to Your Beauty,
Your Wisdom, Your Eternal Truth!

Let me see as I have never seen before
Your abundant Grace ~
The feast You have prepared for me
And the foot path You have
Marked for my Way.

Open my eyes, Oh Holy One!
Open my eyes so that I may see You!

Blind me with Your Holy Presence
So that I have no need to ever see again,
Except by Your guiding, ineffable Fiery Light

~ By Karen Wood

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Wisdom Teacher

(Photo by Karen Wood)

To see the mark of wisdom
In a stately tree ~
One must cut it open.

Its rings bespeak
The years ~ or eons ~
It has watched and waited ...

It has weathered
Seasons and storms,
Diseases and dangers ...

It has nurtured within its leafy arms
Birds of song
And birds of prey ...

It has withstood mighty winds ~ icy assaults ...
And wept inner tears to sustain itself
During unrelenting droughts ...

It has shaded playgrounds
And watched lovers
Stealing kisses ...

It has borne silent witness to unspeakable horrors
Committed beneath its branches
Under the cover of darkness ...

Through the ages, it has suffered neglect ...
Lack of appreciation ...
Isolation ...

As time unfolds, it has enjoyed occasional acknowledgement ...
Sometimes respect ...
Rare devotion.

Yet it always reaches out its arms,
Open and wide ~
And up ~ ever up ...

As it sends its roots deep into The Source
That birthed it ~
And will one day reclaim it as Its Own.

Yes ~ to see the mark of wisdom
In a stately tree ~
One must cut it open.

Only when one can gaze inside ~
At its innermost core,
Can one see the ageless wisdom it held within ...

It must die first ~
Before one discovers how truly wise was
That Wisdom Teacher.

~ By Karen Wood